About Us


Our Thinking

We feel there are four key components in considering a new business opportunity:

  • Is the industry one that will experience significant growth over the next 10-20 years?
  • Are the products and/or technology superior to anything else in the field?
  • Is the potential market for the products/technology substantial?
  • What is the realistic revenue potential for the distributor?

A track record for cultivating successful distributorships

Phoenix 5 Global Tracking is an international company whose owners have 30 years of experience in identifying leading products/technology in high-growth industries and capturing market share through independent distributors. We evaluate opportunities after thorough research on products, industries and the marketplace. Phoenix 5 is the support center and marketing arm for each of its distributors to help foster and maintain their success. A very healthy premise exists in that Phoenix 5’s revenue is directly attached to the individual success of its distributors.

Here at Phoenix 5, we’re passionate about helping individuals and businesses protect what matters most to them. By building a strong distributorship network, our mission is to bring our highly accurate, reliable real-time GPS tracking products further into the mainstream so that businesses and families throughout the country can enjoy the peace of mind this technology can bring.

Our top-rated technology is created by engineering teams at the highest level. We are constantly enhancing and updating our current products and software, and new products are released annually. The Phoenix 5 product line currently has a variety of devices with over 60 customizable features to accommodate the needs of any business or consumer. Many of our products are 12-18 months ahead of the curve and are not sold on retail shelves, a fact that gives our distributors a clear competitive advantage.

We’re always looking for motivated individuals to join the Phoenix 5 team as distributors. Contact us today if you have a desire to build a profitable business around selling products that can save lives, afford families a better quality of life, and help businesses boost efficiencies, cut costs, and reduce theft.

Learn more about the growth of the GPS tracking industry; Phoenix 5 products and revenue potential for our distributors.