Asset Tracking

Nationwide asset tracking device sales are on the rise.

GPS tracking devices aren’t just for monitoring individuals and fleet operators. Smart businesses are also turning to our advanced technology as a means to proactively protect their assets. Phoenix 5 GPS tracking devices provide users with instant access to location and vital statistics for valuable personal and business assets 24 hours a day, no matter how large or small they are and no matter where they might be located.

For Phoenix 5 distributors, this represents yet another source for residual income. Here’s a sample of the types of businesses that would be interested in keeping a closer eye on their assets:

  • Entities that must move valuable assets (jewelers, auction houses, electronics companies, museums, art galleries) around the world aboard ships, airplanes, and every other form of transportation
  • Construction companies with expensive equipment and assets on sites for long periods of time
  • Shipping companies for tracking trailers and containers
  • Even hospitals that must quickly transport vital organs between locations!

With so many opportunities in a wide array of markets, it’s an exciting time to start your own GPS tracking business!