Law Enforcement

Phoenix 5 and Law Enforcement/PI: A perfect match

The benefits of covert GPS tracking and high-level surveillance in law enforcement and private investigation have been proven, and the market is growing rapidly. Both industries are becoming increasingly aware of how GPS tracking can decrease the costs, time, and danger involved in their investigations. This presents an ideal opportunity for Phoenix 5 dealers nationwide to capitalize on an expanding need.

Phoenix 5 asset and vehicle tracking devices are the perfect match for law enforcement agencies and private investigation firms because they can be customized to meet their specific requirements. Our technology is superior, and our compact devices are designed for discretion and fast, easy installation. We offer the only products on the market with an internal shaker switch to conserve battery life, enhancing long-term surveillance capabilities. Our products also have the public endorsement of retired NYC police detective Bo Dietl, who currently runs one of the most successful private investigation firms in the country.