Capitalize on the expanding market for personal GPS tracking.

For the growing number of families interested in GPS tracking, Phoenix 5 carries a line of personal GPS tracking devices that is a remarkable and reliable safety net for loved ones. These devices provide live anyone, anywhere, anything, anytime GPS tracking for use by parents, caregivers, and pet owners that keeps them aware and alerted in real time if their loved ones are lost or in danger.

Some of the uses for the Phoenix 5 personal product line include tracking:

  • Teenage drivers
  • Young children
  • College students
  • Individuals with special needs (Down’s syndrome, Autism, etc.)
  • The elderly (including those with Alzheimer’s, dementia, etc.)
  • Themselves (during travel to remote or dangerous locations)
  • Pets

Our products have been developed with the full understanding that they could very well come into play in a life-or-death situation. Unlike many of the location-based tracking products that are currently on the market, Phoenix 5’s tracking products are equipped with real-time location systems using active RFID. This sophisticated technology not only provides users with more reliable and accurate tracking and active alerts, it also gives our distributors an edge over their competitors.