Why GPS?

Top Five Reasons to Become a Phoenix 5 GPS Tracking Distributor

Investing in any distributorship requires a great deal of up-front research and consideration. As a smart businessperson, you’re probably asking yourself, why GPS? Here are just five of the many reasons to get involved in the GPS tracking industry.

  1. Projected industry growth

    According to a 2011 research report by RNCOS Industry Research Solutions, global GPS device sales, a $50 billion a year industry, are expected to grow by over 20% annually through 2013. Considering the fact that less than 10% of the market has been tapped to date, the question should really be, why NOT GPS?

  2. A vast and diverse market

    The most cutting-edge businesses are already discovering that an investment in GPS tracking technology can make them more efficient, more profitable and put them ahead of their competition. As other contracting, transportation, security, construction, utility, and education entities realize what fleet tracking, asset tracking and asset management with GPS tracking can do for them, management will be looking to implement this state-of-the-art technology in their own companies. And they’ll want to turn to a trusted advisor – a distributor in their area – for information and personalized service.

    The personal/individual GPS tracking market also presents an exciting opportunity for distributors. An aging population brings the reality of more and more individuals with physical and mental limitations that often put them in danger. GPS tracking products can provide elderly individuals greater independence and safety. Parents of younger children, teenage drivers, college students, and children with special needs have always worried about what might happen when their children are out of sight. Thanks to GPS tracking devices, they can rest assured knowing their loved ones are always under their watchful eye.

  3. New products and technology

    Phoenix 5 is committed to continual product development.  Every year our engineering team rolls out new products for our distributors to bring to market, opening up sales opportunities in new market segments and compounding revenue.  And, because our own engineers create the technology and we own the patents on our products, we stay 12 – 18 months ahead of the curve, giving distributors a competitive advantage.

  4. Easy sell and minimal overhead

    With the highest quality products and technology and fast-growing acknowledgement of the need to monitor people and equipment, Phoenix 5’s GPS tracking products are an easy sell. And with a GPS tracking distributorship there is no need to maintain retail or office space.  Products are shipped directly from the manufacturer so there is no inventory to maintain, shipping to arrange or invoicing required.  All of that is done by the Phoenix 5 back office support staff.

  5. Strong residual income

    Sales of GPS tracking devices can bring you a nice profit, but your income continues long after the sale is complete.  Business and individual customers must pay a monthly fee for their tracking service, so distributors enjoy strong residual income.  And since Phoenix 5 products are so advanced and reliable, that income not only remains steady but increases substantially over time.  This is a very strong six-figure revenue-producing business.